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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (CBS 42 Living Local) – Red Mountain Theatre Company presents the Broadway musical, Mamma Mia. The classic story of a bride-to-be trying to find her real father is told using the biggest hits of ABBA, singing, and dancing. The production runs through August 5th at the Dorothy Jemison Day Theater at the Alabama School of Fine Arts. Get your tickets here

“She’s getting married and her biggest dream is to have her father walk her down the aisle. So, she invites these men that are her three possible dads to come and she’s trying to figure out which one is her dad. And that, to her, is like her entire identity” said actress Maya Musial, who portrays Sophie in the Red Mountain Theatre production.

“I often joke that the kids in the Red Mountain Youth Conservatory are all my own children, I’m basically dad to hundreds. So, trying to figure out which of the three of us is Sophie’s dad is easy for me. I’m obviously the dad!” laughed actor Keith Cromwell, who plays Harry Bright.

Natalie Collins plays the mother of the bride, Donna. She expressed that the stage show has a stronger emotional connection to the audience vs. the movie. 

“This production is very heartfelt. The director has really embraced the emotion of this show. I think sometimes people look at Mamma Mia and they’re like, ‘Fun music, fun show, fun play,’ and it is, but there’s so much heart to it. I’ve cried multiple times while singing a sentimental song about a daughter-mother relationship for example. I think people will be more moved than they realize. I know I am more moved than I ever would have expected coming to this show,” Collins said.

“But at the same time this story and show is the reunion of Donna and the Dynamos. That’s where you get all the beloved ‘Dancing Queen’ and the big hits of ABBA,” explained actress Kristi Higginbotham, who plays Tonya.

“I think this show gives you a chance to get out of your daily routine for a couple hours. It gives you a great escape to music that you know and sometimes we need good funny entertainment that’s an escape,” said Cromwell.

Don’t miss out on seeing this super fun production of Mamma Mia. The production is put on by Red Mountain Theatre Company and runs through August 5th at the Dorothy Jemison Day Theater at the Alabama School of Fine Arts. Visit to get your tickets today.