Real estate tech company “Offerpad” now operating in Birmingham

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (CBS42 Living Local) – Companies like Uber, Amazon, and Shipt have all changed the way their industries operate.

These companies focus on what the consumer desires in the modern age of convenience-tech; smooth, stress-free transactions that make our lives easier.

A new(ish) service called Offerpad is streamlining – even revolutionizing – the real estate industry. While new to Birmingham, Offerpad already operates in 800 cities and has been in business for six years.

“Birmingham is a brand new market for us. Our official live date was January 20th of this year,” said Cortney Read, Offerpad’s Director of Communications.

 Here is how Offerpad works:
Let’s say you want to see your house. Take five minutes to upload information about your home on Within 24-hours you will receive a cash offer for your house.

“We have an algorithm that will help us get a good idea about what your home is worth, but then we also have local real estate expertise that will really be providing the cash offer to you,” Read said.

Offerpad partners locally with Keller Williams agents. “We need that first-hand local expertise to be able to provide the most accurate offers,” said Read.

 If you want to accept Offerpad’s cash offer, you select a closing date that works best for you and your family.

 “If you want to close in 12 days, or if you want to close 60 days, 90 days, you get to select that closing date. So we’re putting the control in your hands and letting it a line with your next move,” said Read.

 No showings.

No open houses.

No contingencies.

Offerpad also pays movers for a local move.

“Consumers come to us, and they’re a little bit questionable when we go into a new market. You know, ‘when is the other shoe going to drop? Is this too easy?’ And afterward, they are our biggest advocates,” Read said. “If your home stays on the market for two or three months, you are paying for two or three months of utilities, property taxes, mortgage. Once you close on the house, that house is our problem. If it sits on the market six or seven months, so we have to make sure that we are providing very accurate and competitive offers, which come very close to what people would have gotten if they put it on the traditional market,” said Read.

 Read says their average customers are usually people that have been through a traditional, stressful, home buying experience before. And they are often couples with kids.

 “The majority of them are usually dog owners,” Read laughed. “And I think that’s important because these are working families. They are busy, and they value their time. They don’t wanna get kicked out of their house on the weekend and now think ‘what am I gonna do all day with my two-year-old and my three dogs.'”

 And Read says Offerpad should not be confused with fix-or-flip companies.

 “We are going to be doing the opposite. We are going to be trying to offer as much as we can on the home, and then do our renovations. Which, on average, we can do our renovations within 10-to-12 days, once the home is in our possession. If we are going to sell the home from any higher that we bought it from you, the seller, it’s because we put thousands of dollars into the home to make it buyer ready. Something that you would’ve had to of done, but we took that on for you,” Read said.

 Offerpad’s CEO Brian Bair comes from a traditional real estate background. He saw a need in the market to simplify the home buying process.

 “The majority of employees that work for Offerpad have real estate backgrounds. And they’ve been part of the real estate process, and they see where real estate is going, and they want to be part of that ride,” said Read.

Visit today to receive a cash offer for your home and find hiring information as they are still building their Birmingham team.

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