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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (CBS 42 Living Local) – Having an accountant is crucial to any business and of course for your personal finances. But finding a CPA you trust and feel comfortable discussing your finances with, is difficult. Accountant Mike Peters however, is different.

“I was told by several of my clients that my personality is what got people to come to my business. I’m not as stuffy as some accountants, I don’t have the same stigma other accounts get,” said CPA at WM Peters CO, Mike Peters.

Mike Peters helps people with both personal and business finances. 

“I like to just be able to have a conversation with a person instead of somebody being so uptight about their financials. I want to help people with their business. Some people have tried to do it on their own, and I’ve seen their books and bless their hearts, I’ve got to fix it. That’s why I try to get out there and help them from the beginning,” said Peters.

Have an accountant you are comfortable talking money with!

“Even if you only talk to your CPA three times a year, you need one. One that you trust, feel comfortable with, can talk with, and one you can ask questions to. ‘Why did I do this? Why do I need to do this? Do I do this?’” Peters said.

Mike’s advice is to start early with a CPA. Not having a CPA in the early stages of business could mean lots of problems and lost money later.

“I tell a lot of people that I meet that you need to have a CPA early on, because if you try to do W-2’s and 1099’s on your own and not really know what you’re doing, then bring that all to an accountant… you’re going to have spent more money doing that, then what you would have spent in the beginning. You would have paid me less actually to do the books for you and then do a tax return rather than just this tax return,” Peters said.

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