Friday, May 18 is National Bike to Work Day! This special day is celebrated each May during bike month. Jeniese Hosey with CommuteSmart explains that the day promotes getting to work in any other way than in a car by yourself.

Bike to Work Day is a CommuteSmart initiative from the Regional Planning Commission. The program that seeks to improve our air quality and reduce traffic congestion by encouraging people to use alternative modes of transportation.

“For anybody that walks to work, bikes to work, carpools with at least one other person, takes the bus, or works from home, we will pay an incentive,” Hosey said.

Here’s how that works: if you use an alternative way to get to work, you get a dollar a day up to $70 for the first ninety days, then a $25 gift card every ninety days after that! Plus, you can share pictures of your ride using the hashtag #b2wbham for a chance to win a gift card.

“They have energizer stations where bikers can stop by to get a thank you from CommuteSmart for participating in Bike to Work Day,” said Hosey. Area coffee shops will serve as energizer stations and will pass out free coffee along with CommuteSmart swag to any bikers participating in Bike to Work Day.

“I’m very passionate about us as a city having alternative ways for people to get around. Everybody can’t drive for one reason or the other. Everybody can’t afford car ownership. And to me, as a city such as Birmingham, we need to have different ways for people to get around other than in the car by themselves,” Hosey said.

To learn more about Bike to Work Day and alternative ways to get to work, visit and