The following CBS 42 Living Local feature segment is sponsored by Fitness 1440 Hueytown

HUEYTOWN, Ala. (CBS 42 Living Local) – Never have the feeling of intimidation again when starting a new gym! Fitness 1440 welcomes and treats every member as family.

Receive the personal attention and motivation you’ve been looking for from their expert personal trainers, who will support you 24/7 and help you reach your goals.

“We generally care about each member and their success and we provide an environment for them to be successful,” said Fitness 1440 General Manager Eddie Smith.

The gym offers personal training, classes of all kinds, 24/7 availability, a women’s only area, and child care! All of it is geared towards your success.

“For every new member that comes on board, we offer them a chance to see what both programs look like when they become members. We’ll get them with a trainer and walk them through the one-on-one process, let them see what that looks like, what that involves, and then the same thing with the group personal trainers. They get to experience the environment before committing,” said Smith.

That personal attention is what led to Carrie Barnhill’s success. Without the help of her Fitness 1440 family, she wouldn’t have been able to reach her goal.

“In 2014, I had just turned 39 and was at the biggest weight I’ve ever been…I was 268 pounds. I couldn’t get out of bed and walk to the bathroom without getting winded and getting out of breath. So, when I lost the first twenty-five pounds on my own, I then decided ‘Okay! I’m really going to do this!’ And over the course of three years, I lost 140 pounds and I dropped from an almost size 24 to a size 4,” Barnhill explained. “They provide just constant support. Always! The staff is like little voices in your head trying to push you and make you do better.”

Start your journey to success today! Visit to learn more, or call 205-744-3333.