Enrolling now – The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office hosts civilian gun safety classes

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. (CBS 42 Living Local ) – The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is hosting weekend gun training and safety classes for civilians. The office serves as the first in the state to offer both handgun safety and self-defense training classes.

“This gives you a way to survive until we can get there,” said Deputy Director Tommie Black. “Our primary job is training law enforcement officers. But on some weekends, we offer free training for civilians.”

Range Master, Sergeant Terrill Hogeland, put a coworker and me though the handgun training. It was informative, and also a lot of fun.

“Today, we will be shooting two pistols. They are both 9 millimeters shot from 7- yards,” Hodgeland said. “It’s basic firearms fundamentals; sight picture, trigger press, follow-through, things of that nature.”

Civilian weekend classes cover safety, different types of handguns and operating systems, and what kind of gun may be the best fit for you. 

Students may bring handguns, or borrow one from the Training Center. They are also encouraged to try out different types of guns. All you have to do is bring ammo.

“If you’ve never fired a gun, it’s better to come out to us because we will let you shoot several different guns. You can bring your own and will let you borrow one – revolver, semi-automatic, things of that nature. You can experience the pros and cons of each,” said Hodgeland.

Choose a weekend that works best for you, and be sure to pre-register because class size is limited. Black laughs and says the best way to sign up is “old school and over the phone.” Contact the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Training Center at (2050 849-5246 to make a reservation. 

Click here to read more information: https://www.jeffersoncountysotrainingcenter.com/blank-page-2

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