This week Melissa and Bobby Sproule are sharing creative ways they are both saving money and making money during their savings race journey.

The Sproules have been very open about sharing their eCO Savings Race story on social media. A family friend who works as a home builder saw their posts and asked if Bobby would make specialty doors for a project.

“I felt like it was a good opportunity to make a little extra money,” said Bobby.

A few weeks ago, Melissa posted on Facebook that she was on the lookout for a very specific baby formula coupon. Friends and family were able to spend Melissa dozens of coupons.

“We’ve saved $150! This has helped so much because Noah loves to eat,” Melissa said.

“We like to go by the old saying that ‘it doesn’t hurt to ask.’ Because if we wouldn’t have asked, we would’ve received any of that,” Bobby said.

Melissa is also trying to form relationships with manufacturers in hopes of receiving free products or coupons.

“I reached out to several manufacturers and vendors who make products that we use for Noah, like; diapers, formula, lotions and body washes,” said Melissa. So far, her efforts have been successful! A few vendors have asked Melissa to be a product ambassador and do social media posts about their products in exchange for free items.

eCO Takeaway

Like team Sproule, do not be afraid to ask for help. Whether you would like to find a way to make additional income or you are in search of coupons for your favorite
products, use your network and social media! You might be surprised by how many people have unwanted coupons or odd jobs that fit your skill set.    

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