eCO Savings Race Update: Team Sproule

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Team Sproule has worked very hard on improving their finances over the past four months. Now they are one of the four finalists in the 6th and final edition of the eCO Savings Race. 

In December, a long-anticipated adoption came to fruition when their new baby boy was born. While things are a little hectic with their new addition, team Sproule is more focused than ever on winning the eCO Savings Race. 

“We have sacrificed a lot and just really are excited to progress throughout the race and see what happens. It’s just a win-win regardless for us,” said Melissa. 

One of these biggest savings tricks for the Sproule’s is cutting out expensive coffee drinks. This alone saves them over $200 a month. 

 “It’s been a big sacrifice, but once you start a habit it’s so easy to stick to it,” Melissa said. 

Another big savings trick is eliminating cable. And the Sproule’s were thankful to learn they can still watch broadcast channels for free and never miss a Savings Race update. 
When making your detailed budget, Bobby recommends thinking outside the box.

 “Ask yourself; ‘What could we possibly put in a budget? What could possibly happen? Do we need to maybe put a miscellaneous category in there?’ And then try to overestimate the cost,” Bobby said.

eCO Takeaway Tip: 

As you make your budget each month, be sure to think about irregular expenses. Are car tags due? Do you have to buy a lot of gifts that month? Are you traveling? If you are more thorough when creating your budget, it will be more likely to stick. Need some help starting your own budget? Attend the free eCO Savings Race University seminar on January 27th at the Hoover Public Library. 

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