In this week’s eCO Savings Race update, we are checking in on Latasha Toney’s progress. She paid off a lot of debt in the first part of the race, so how will she maintain that momentum going forward?

 First, Toney says that she is going to continue to tell herself “no” when she wants to buy something.

 “I’m not going to go shopping over these next three months,” Toney declared.

Not only is Latasha not shopping, and trying to stay away from spending any extra dollars, she has also picked up a new part-time job that has a lot of flexibility and she can choose her own hours work when she has time.

One element of financial peace that is very important to Toney is giving back to people.

“Just finding ways that I can give my time to others versus giving money,” Toney said.

Toney is very driven to win the $10,000 grand prize because she plans to give a portion back to her community.

“I would like to give a portion of it to others,” Toney said. “I would like to also share what I’ve learned with others, maybe even teach a class.”

Today’s eCO takeaway tip could help your family get a better grasp on saving, spending and giving.

When working to meet your financial goals, it can be easy to forget about giving back, but it should be an important part of how you handle your finances. Even if your budget does not have room to give financially, consider donating your time. Find something you are passionate about and look for opportunities to serve. You’ll often find that you’re just as blessed in the process.

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