BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (CBS 42 Living Local) — This week Team Shepherd is sharing their final thoughts on their eCO Savings Race journey. In two weeks, we will find out which team takes home the $10,000 dollar grand prize. No matter what happens, Team Shepherd says they are thankful for the life changing information and new habits they have formed during their eCO Savings Race journey. 

“If we needed something we just bought it but now just because of the race we definitely think twice about what we buy,” said Chasiti. “It has strengthened our marriage. It forced us to communicate. It forced us to talk about

some hard things that we didn’t talk about before. It forced us to come together and really work as a team.” 

“This race brought about a lifestyle change. We hope to continue that lifestyle change after the race,” Timothy said.   “It’s assisted with giving us knowledge on how to change our lives for the better financially. The eCO group is a wonderful group. And we’ve met some wonderful teams that we’ve interacted with. It’s just been a blessing for our family.” 

eCO Takeaway Tip

                        If you are married, you have probably already heard the phrase:

                       “communication is key!” This is especially true when working to improve your

                       financial situation. Whether it is setting up a monthly budget meeting or

                       carving out time to check in on your spending each week, it is important to

                       communicate with your spouse and be sure you are both on the same page to

                       meet your goals.

The eCO Savings Race grand finale is just two weeks away. Make plans to join us on CBS 42 on May 7th at 6 p.m.