Bedwetting and hyperactivity could be signs of poor sleep in children

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BESSEMER, Ala. (CBS 42 Living Local) — Medical West Hospital’s Dr. Michael Latshaw has expanded his ENT practice to accommodate pediatric patients. Because children have smaller anatomy, issues within the ears, sinuses, and throat are prevalent for kids under 10.

Latshaw said sleep apnea and chronic tonsillitis are the most common reasons for a tonsillectomy. And the results can be life-changing. 

“I think that’s one thing that I enjoy about the surgery, especially in the pediatric population. If there’s a problem, and if we can fix it with surgery, there is an almost immediate improvement,” Latshaw said.

Enlarged tonsils, or infections in the tonsils, can cause children to snore or pause in their breathing. 

“Loud snoring and interrupted sleep is not a normal thing. Uninterrupted sleep is important so that a child can focus, especially at school, and they can have the energy that they need,” Latshaw said.  

If children older than 7 years old are wetting the bed at night, or displaying hyperactivity, those could also be signs of poor sleep. Sometimes, hyperactivity disorders are misdiagnosed when the underlying problem is poor quality sleep.

The surgery is a “same-day surgery,” meaning the patient gets to go home that day. Recovery is about a week in children, with a two-week break from sports or high energy activities. 

“Afterward, the patients are required to be on a soft diet for two weeks. Most children are pretty happy they get to eat as much ice cream or yogurt that they want! So that’s a benefit,” Latshaw said.

Latshaw performs pediatric surgeries at Children’s of Alabama in the downtown location and south outpatient surgical location. Learn more about Latshaw and his practice by visiting

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