SHELBY COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Students and staff will be required to wear masks indoors at Shelby County Schools beginning August 30.

The requirement, announced Thursday by Superintendent Lewis Brooks, will run through October 1.

“This temporary change will be welcomed for some and frustrating for others. However, we feel strongly it is necessary if we are going to positively impact the rising number of cases in our community. We also feel that this gives us the best chance to stay in school without a complete shutdown,” said Lewis.

Students will not be asked to wear a masks during recess, lunch or outdoor physical education.

The masking requirement also means the number of close contact individuals who will have to quarantine will be reduced. According to the ADPH Back to School Toolkit, only students who test positive or have symptoms of COVID-19 have to be quarantined if all students are masked.