TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — A college student’s first couple weeks on campus are when memories are made and experiences are had. A group of University of Alabama students is choosing to spend that time helping feed the West Alabama community – on this edition of Feeding Alabama.

A group of Alabama students passionate about helping those less fortunate visited the West Alabama Food Bank on Monday.

UA students help the West Alabama Food Bank package a chunk of their 1700 boxes for senior citizens in the area.

“The West Alabama food bank packages 1,700 [boxes of essentials] every month for seniors living below the poverty level and needing some extra assistance with food so they stay food secure so they don’t have to decide between paying bills and eating,” Jean Rykaczewski, Executive director of West Alabama Food Bank said.

That was a call-to-action these Alabama students were all about – they saw an opportunity to pack boxes worth of essentials for those in the nine counties the food bank serves.

“Just thinking about the impact we can make in this community,” Keegan Estrada, a University of Alabama student volunteer said. “Given that we’re students and we have so much time and so much ability to help those in the community or all over Alabama, it definitely feels good that we’re making a difference in people’s lives.”

Monday was the university’s annual Ripple Effect day – a day dedicated to community service. However, these students are planning on making this part of their weekly schedule.

“It’s definitely a community,” Estrada said. “That whole roll tide that everyone is the tide together. I definitely feel that when I’m on site.”

This is an absolutely remarkable group of students, part of the University’s Center for Service and Leadership, help feed Alabama. If you’re interested in volunteer opportunities with the West Alabama Food Bank, you can visit their website here.