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MIEA Team at the launch of Bartley Clinic by Noviu Health

No software to learn, no dashboard to navigate, and no login IDs to remember, this AI solution is primed for adoption by health practitioners and patients.

The rapid pace of advancements and the costs for devices and software can be overwhelming. MIEA Health is committed to democratising access to technology by sidestepping these barriers entirely.”
— Dr Stephen Chonardo, Co-founder MIEA Health
SINGAPORE, September 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- MIEA Health is proud to introduce an Artificial Intelligence chatbot on WhatsApp, revolutionising how doctors engage with patients at home. The chatbot extracts important health information through conversations with patients, automates alerts and generates reports to help doctors monitor patients. Insights garnered can help doctors recommend lifestyle adjustments when necessary. Delivered entirely through WhatsApp, this AI solution is primed for adoption from both medical practitioners and patients because of its ease of use.

Incorporating new technology can be notoriously difficult in healthcare given the rapid pace of advancements and the associated integration costs for devices and software. MIEA Health is committed to democratising access to technology by sidestepping these barriers entirely. Their AI chatbot seamlessly integrates with the widely used social tool WhatsApp, enabling physicians to connect with their patients for improved healthcare outcomes.

Starting at an accessible $80 per month for doctors, MIEA subscriptions enable doctors to effectively monitor patients with chronic conditions at home. There is no software to learn, no dashboard to navigate, and no new login IDs or passwords to remember. To get started, doctors and patients simply add MIEA’s AI bot to their contact list and initiate a conversation.

Presently, this service is being implemented at Bartley Clinic by Noviu Health. Given their emphasis on leveraging technology for chronic disease management, healthy aging and longevity, MIEA Health emerged as a natural partner, offering a vital tool to serve their patients. Founder Dr. Hishamuddin Badaruddin notes, “Having explored different technologies to deliver care to our patients while they are at home, we found MIEA’s AI bot a good fit as it will fit seamlessly into our patients’ lifestyle, give us insights to better manage our patients’ conditions, as well as serve as a platform to reach out, engage, and communicate.”

Dr. Stephen Chonardo, Co-founder of MIEA Health, added “We are excited by the positive response of our user groups, across doctors and patients. We’ve received numerous queries from hospitals and healthcare providers for custom solutions to address different use cases such as post-discharge care, wound management, weight monitoring, mood assessment, and more. We're actively developing the system to accommodate these diverse use cases.”

MIEA is the social complement to conventional medical approaches in healthcare. We focus on person-first chronic disease management solutions to address the social and behavioural drivers of good health. MIEA’s AI-powered digital health companion on WhatsApp extracts patient data through daily conversations and automates alerts and reports for healthcare providers and caregivers.

Noviu Health is committed to providing exceptional patient-centred care and go beyond treating patients for illnesses. At Bartley Clinic, we focus on preventive medicine through health screening, optimising our patient's health through lifestyle medicine and the science of longevity, to help them improve healthspan and enhance lifespan.

Ho Whei Chern
MIEA Health
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