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sharefull, the first ever eat-to-earn app combined with GameFi and review app elements, launches the alpha version

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Real values, powered by the people, for the people.

How do we find real, insightful information?”
— Ippei Morioka, the CEO of Sharefull, S.L.
MADRID, SPAIN, January 24, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Sharefull S.L. launched their alpha tester version of the sharefull app worldwide.
Do not miss the opportunity to try the world's first-ever eat-to-earn experience. Anyone in the world can now start playing on the sharefull app.

Registration form:

【What is the GameFi x Review app sharefull?】

sharefull is a Web 3.0 platform that rewards positive behaviors towards food, professional services, and anything related to human life and improves the quality of decision-making in life.

GameFi is a combination of the words Game and Finance. sharefull, for example, gives rewards to those who share reviews of their experiences at restaurants. The rewards are in-app Tokens that users can exchange for fiat currency, such as US dollars and Euros, through crypto exchange platforms. Moreover, sharefull adds game elements to entice customers to enjoy writing reviews and sharing their experiences.

The business started as a result of common experiences. Most people have come across fake reviews and gotten lost looking for accurate information.

“In my case, when I started living in Madrid and looking for a school for my daughters, it was a challenge because there were very limited objective reviews on curricula and teachers at schools,” according to Ippei Morioka, CEO at Sharefull, S.L.

”How do we find real, insightful information?”
That’s why we started sharefull.

【 Why Eat-to-Earn and GameFi?】

To keep fresh and reliable information on our platform, we concluded that users’ motivation to share their experiences is the most important thing.

GameFi aspects are suitable for fulfilling the objective. First, sharing reviews is incentivized through rewards for each review written. Second, the element of fun gets users to come back to use the app.

Moreover, sharefull aims to be more sustainable than other GameFi products, as most aspects of our lives and experiences revolve around food, ensuring the novelty and fun of the sharefull experience.

【 Why sharefull?】

We aim to make sharefull one of the most sustainable GameFi platforms. Nowadays, the crypto market has been fluctuating due to speculation, overestimated valuations, and failure to expand the ecosystem.

To keep sharefull sustainable, the platform will have the following features:
- Email registration. Users can get rewarded by registering their emails without the need for in-app NFT item purchases.
- Exclusive collective NFT items. For example, users can receive special NFT items only if they visit the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.
- Original NFTs. Users can share and sell original NFTs made by the users on the app.
- Booking performance-based monetization. When a customer books a table at a restaurant through our app, sharefull gets a fee from the restaurant.
- Staking functions.
- Future expansion. sharefull plans to expand from food to also cover categories such as travel, medical, beauty, and education in 2023.

Our solution motivates people to find and share experiences. It builds an ecosystem that rewards members for their contributions, such as sharing reviews and improving the quality of the information. Through reliable experience sharing, the sharefull team believes that valuable services will make everyone’s quality of life better and their decision-making processes easier.

To register for Alpha testing:
There are only two steps.

1. Read the instructions on the form below.
2. Fill out the required information.

Alpha version app application form for the white list:https://forms.gle/2PYgSXFLoqzfzFqZA

Availability Location: Anywhere in the world.

【About Sharefull, S. L.】

CEO Ippei Morioka, who worked at one of the biggest tech companies in Japan, leads Sharefull, S.L. with Masahiro Chaen, who runs GameFi guild and SNS marketing companies. In addition, professionals in various industries from more than eight countries around the world are on core members and advisor’s boards, such as a product owner of UIUX for his own application at a major crypto product company, an Advisor at several Metaverse and NFT related companies, and the award-winning development company CEO that leads the blockchain industry since the very beginning of the industry.

Twitter :https://twitter.com/sharefull_web3
Discord :https://discord.gg/qFVQmang5W

For more information, send us an email.
Nana Hasegawa (PR department)

nana hasegawa
+34 634 09 17 39

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