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Boston Hemp Inc, the Nation's top on-line, infused hemp dispensary celebrates its 5th year in business

BOSTON, Dec. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- As the hemp industry continues to grow in an unstable economy, businesses like Boston Hemp Incorporated are still serving the nations marijuana appetite. With the marijuana industry being cannibalized by the black market and oversaturation, Boston Hemp Inc. is seeing a drastic increase of revenue stemming from the hemp sector.

Boston Hemp Inc. is pleased to celebrate its fifth year in business as the Nation's top on-line, infused hemp dispensary

Boston Hemp Inc. offers dispensary grade products with the ability to ship nationwide (all 50 states and US territories and islands) giving them a competitive edge to rapidly grow within the struggling marijuana industry rapidly. With innovative and psychoactive products such as vapes, wax, hash, flower and edibles Boston Hemp Inc. is now celebrating their 5th year in business with steady growth and booming sales in this current underwhelming economy. With the addition of their coveted THC-a flower, Boston Hemp Inc. is now offering a 50 state legal and organic option for traditional marijuana users to smoke and enjoy recreationally nationwide. "Our indoor THCa flower is a great alternative to delta 8 product as it is organic and genetically bred into our Hempress flower as opposed to synthesized like delta 8" said Brandon Gadles CEO at Boston Hemp inc. "We are currently cultivating more THCa hemp strains and will be offering our customer base and array of options in the coming weeks" he added. "Our five year anniversary is a milestone " said Mr. Gadles. "What better way to celebrate the growth of the hemp industry than releasing innovative products like THCa flower and watching our customers across the nation enjoy them?" He rhetorically asked. 

Boston Hemp Inc. is the Nation's largest on-line hemp dispensary offering top strains of hemp flower that can be infused with additional stoner cannabinoids such as Delta-8, HHC and THC-0. They also offer THCa with their Hempress bud and PHC in their Moon and Snow Rocks.

They also offer a wide selection of D8 vape cartridges, concentrates and edibles. Their products are available for sale at Wholesale inquiries can be made to Kevin Coyle at 1-508-846-6628

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