Rize Strategic Capital Acquires SaSS Platform AXIS TMS

BIRMINGHAM, MI / ACCESSWIRE / May 26, 2023 / Rize Strategic Capital, a venture capital firm, has announced its acquisition of Axis Total Management Solutions (TMS), a Software as a Service (SaSS) platform for the trucking and logistics industry.

The goal in acquiring Axis TMS was to expand Rize's portfolio and increase its diversity and investment in sustainability. Rize seeks to create a nuclear portfolio designed to withstand a number of economic conditions, but also prioritizes managing companies dedicated to sustainability efforts.

By acquiring Axis TMS, Rize accomplishes two goals: expanding into a new industry (trucking and logistics), thus growing its portfolio diversity; and participating in a company that puts a significant emphasis on sustainability. The team at Rize prefers an involved, hands-on management style, and carefully curates companies with characteristics and goals that align with those of the venture capital firm.

Rize co-founder Christian Grothe states that Axis TMS is this type of company. "We believe in being active managers in our portfolio companies, providing them with the necessary resources, guidance, and expertise to unlock their full potential," he explains. "Axis TMS is the type of company we look for when it comes to balancing aggressive growth potential with stability and sustainability."

His co-founder Nick Tennant agrees, adding that Rize does not look merely for short-term gains, but instead, prefers to focus on the fundamentals of each company it works with. "We feel that the trucking and logistics industry is a key point for encouraging sustainability," Tennant reveals. "While the market plays a significant role in global commerce, it also has a considerable impact on the environment due to carbon emissions and fuel consumption."

He adds that Axis TMS is working toward reducing this impact. Founded in 2012, the platform offers comprehensive features and real-time visibility, empowering shippers and carriers to more effectively manage their shipments and improve overall supply chain efficiency - thus working toward lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

The team at Rize feels that Axis TMS is a key investment for the firm, as it allows them a chance to participate in the growing transportation industry, which - globally - was valued at $7.31 trillion USD in 2022.

"This move lets us grow our portfolio and further diversify it at the same time," says Tennant. "It allows us to focus on our overarching goal of sustainability and supporting companies that share our goals. We are committed to help Axis TMS to grow and scale as well, as they work toward making a positive impact on the environment."

About Rize Strategic Capital

Rize Strategic Capital is a venture capital firm focused on investing in early-stage technology startups. The company's mission is to support ambitious founders and help them scale their businesses to new heights. Rize primarily invests in industries such as software, marketplaces, fintech, healthtech, and deep tech.

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About Axis Total Management Solutions (TMS)

Axis Total Management Solutions (TMS) is a SaSS cloud-based platform for trucking logistics management. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features to optimize the trucking logistics process, allowing shippers and carriers to gain real-time visibility into the status of their shipments.


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