ANNISTON, Ala. (WIAT) — A group of three women in the Anniston community come together each year to bring awareness to the fight against breast cancer as the “Pink Queens.” They all unite with the common bond as breast cancer survivors. They use the pain and struggles of fighting and surviving cancer to inspire others and bring awareness.

“I’m out there now where people will see us and see what we represent and what we’ve been through, but not look like what we’ve been through,” Jackie Judkins, Pink Queen Member, said.

The group formed three years ago and each year holds a photo shoot. This year’s theme is “Striking out Cancer.” 

“Pretty much, in October, we reroute our lives around this. Our families know that the Pink Queens are coming this year. We have people to reach out to us waiting on us to drop our pictures because they are so used to us,” Temecha Williams, Pink Queen Member, said.

In 2020, the Pink Queens expanded the movement and now hold a community breast cancer brunch. It gives the women a chance to share their stories, and this year they plan to invite other women to speak out to help anyone who may be experiencing a difficult time.

“There are a lot of different organizations and people out there that have been through it that you don’t even know that have been through it. But I think just talking to other people that’s been through it makes it a whole lot easier,” Temecha Williams, Pink Queen Member, said.

All three Pink Queens said the sisterhood they have as breast cancer survivors has changed them for the better, and they hope to be able to continue making an impact in people’s lives through their stories.

“I have learned to live and not just exist, but to live your life to the fullest, because one phone call, one doctors visit can change your life forever. My life, I live more than just exist,” Shandrika Christopher, Pink Queen Member, said.

The Pink Queens Brunch will be held on October 23 in Anniston at the Pure Sports Bar and Grill. All ticket proceeds will benefit either someone currently fighting breast cancer or a survivor. Tickets for the event are $25 dollars and include brunch and a mimosa. To purchase tickets for the event you can email or call 256-591-5194.