Pedestrian bridge connecting Homewood to Mountain Brook to be revamped for safety


JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — A pedestrian bridge project connecting Homewood to Mountain Brook will soon be revamped along Hollywood Boulevard on Highway 280.

Since the area is highly traveled, officials want to work to make things safer for both pedestrians and drivers. A cooperative agreement has been formed between the city of Mountain Brook, Birmingham, Homewood, ALDOT, and Jefferson County to make the new additions.

The pedestrian bridge will feature an expanded area for people to safely walk and run, but also give an ease of traffic in the area with turning lanes and a light to help people get on and off Highway 280.

$1 million was raised to construct the safety improvements for the bridge. Organizers have plans to make the site more visually appealing with a decorative element. They are hoping the community helps support them in this process.

“They should want to participate just because it’s a quality of life element. It’s ease of access between all three cities and pedestrian element is very important. You want folks to be able to get out there and get on the sidewalks,” Steve Ammons, Jefferson County Commissioner, said.

The cooperative agreement has not released details on how people can give back yet to help enhance the pedestrian bridge. Commissioner Ammons says they are waiting on the final design of the bridge to be complete before they begin asking the public to start donating.

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