Through the One Class at a Time program, CBS 42 has been able to present local teachers with one thousand dollar grants! This year marks 19 years of honoring teachers who make a big difference in Central Alabama.

This weeks winner is Koutyney Nislon, a special education teacher at I3 Academy. Nilson has a passion for both teaching and her students.

“I want to be able to impact different students in any way I can.” Said Nilson.

Having more tools at her disposal would help her make a bigger impact.

“Something that I’ve really been wanting to buy for my students who receive occupational therapy, is scissors that are like able to press, and it cuts. Also, some magnifying electronics to help my students who are vision impaired. They can still read the text that we are reading.” Said Nilson.

Congratulations, Ms. Nilson…from CBS 42, Chick-fil-A Birmingham, and Medical Properties Trust! Together, we’re giving back to the community, supporting our local schools, and making a difference One Class at a Time.