Through the One Class at a Time program, CBS 42 has been able to present local teachers with $1,000 grants! This year marks 20 years of honoring teachers who make a big difference in Central Alabama.

This week’s winner is Kimberly Peoples, a physical education teacher at Odenville Intermediate School. She believes P.E. can make a difference in her student’s lives and their futures, which is why Ms. Peoples plans to use her grant to buy new P.E. equipment.

“We have a lot of older equipment. Most of our classes have two classes in it at a time and some have three. So, we have to have lots of equipment, and P.E. equipment is very, very expensive,” said Peoples.

Congratulations Ms. Peoples…from CBS 42, Chick-fil-A Birmingham, and Medical Properties Trust! Together we’re giving back to the community, supporting our local schools, and making a difference One Class at a Time.