One Class at a Time presented by Chick-fil-A of Birmingham.

For 21 years, CBS 42 has been proud to present local teachers with $1,000 grants through its One Class at a Time program, honoring the educators who work tirelessly to make a positive impact on the children of Central Alabama.

And this week CBS 42 is honoring Susan King, a tenth-grade health education teacher at Hayden High School and an educator of almost 30 years.

Having spent almost the entirety of her 29-year career at Hayden High School, King has unwavering pride not only in her school system but also in her health education curriculum, which she hopes leaves a lasting positive impression on her students.

“Teaching students that they have choices that can and will affect their lives now, and definitely in the future, gives them the knowledge, as well as the cause and effect of everything they do,” said King of her curriculum, “My hope is that they’ll make choices that will benefit them for a long, happy and healthy life.”

And what are King’s plans for the $1,000 grant now burning a hole in her pocket?

To replace the mannequins she uses to teach her students life-saving skills like Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), some of which she says are currently being held together by Gorilla Glue.

“Through these lessons I hope they [King’s students] remember that a person’s chance of survival is greatly improved if CPR is given as quickly as possible,” said King of how the purchase of new mannequins will improve the quality of her students’ education.

To nominate a local teacher for CBS 42’s One Class at a Time grant, apply here.