Through the One Class at a Time program CBS 42 has been able to present
local teachers with $1,000 grants! This year marks 20 years of honoring
teachers who make a big difference in Central Alabama.

This week’s winner is Mohammad Dolatabadi, an art teacher at Gardendale High
School. Learning the fundamentals of art can be beneficial in the future,
regardless of a student’s potential career path.  

“You don’t necessarily have to pursue a career in animation that you would
need to take art class. I tell my students, any field that you can go into,
whether it’s dentistry, or plumbing, or if you’re going to be a doctor
– Good surgeons are good artists. Good dentists are great artists,” says

Mr. Dolatabadi’s class is in need of more supplies for the curriculum to be
as beneficial as possible, so he’ll be using his grant to purchase those
supplies for his students.

Congratulations Mr. Dolatabadi…from CBS 42, Chick-fil-A Birmingham, and
Medical Properties Trust! Together we’re giving back to the community,
supporting our local schools, and making a difference One Class at a Time.