Through the One Class at a Time program, CBS 42 has been able to present local teachers with one thousand dollar grants! This year marks 19 years of honoring teachers who make a big difference in Central Alabama.

This weeks winner is Holly Alverson, a first grade teacher at Irondale Community School. Her students are bright, enthusiastic, and exited for science.

“The children are so exited about doing science projects. One of the units we do in the first grade is learning about space.” Alverson said.

That is why she wants to use the grant money to purchase a telescope for her classroom.

“We could use the telescope to see some of the planets close to us and see the moon and all of its different phases. I think it would get them even more involved and interested in exploring more about the different planets and maybe even get them interested into going into the field of science.” Alverson explained.

Congratulations, Ms. Alverson…from CBS 42, Chick-fil-A Birmingham, and Medical Properties Trust! Together, we’re giving back to the community, supporting our local schools, and making a difference One Class at a Time.