HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — If you’ve recently driven through Homewood, you’ve likely seen a couple stray or feral cats roaming the streets. But the number of cats without homes in the city is larger than one might initially guess.

Todd Lehman, who goes by Kat Dadde, learned that lesson when he went to feed a couple felines he had seen roaming freely through his community. 

Rusty (left) and Chester (right), left abandoned in a local apartment complex, are a couple of the cats benefitting from the good deeds of Kat Dadde. Chester was born without upper eyelids and needed treatment. Kat Dadde and Vulcan Park Animal Care made that possible.

“I started by feeding a couple of them. Then I started looking around me and realized how big the problem was,” Lehman said. “My mission was to get these babies off the street and get them into homes.”

That’s when Kat Dadde sprung into action. The problem was so bad that the city of Homewood didn’t know what to do.

“The number of animals that were euthanized due to overcrowding was terrible,” Kat Dadde said. “Since July or August, when we partnered with Vulcan Park and Homewood, we’ve had zero cats euthanized.”

His mission doesn’t stop doesn’t stop at putting a roof over these animals’ heads either. 

Todd Lehman, who goes by Kat Dadde, spends his days looking to better lives of local stray cats.

“We take care of their medical care no matter what it may be,” he said. “Upper respiratory infection to a tail amputation.”

In partnership with the City of Homewood and Vulcan Park Animal Care, Lehman and Homewood Animal Control bring the cats in for medical treatment when necessary.

Obsessed with his thoughtful and selfless goals, Kat Dadde has gotten frustrated over time. He can’t do all the work on his own.

“What I didn’t realize is that the problem isn’t fixable. You just have to keep on going,” he exhaustedly. “It’s frustrating. You work as hard and diligently as you can and you’d think everyone would want to do the same thing. But you can’t get someone to give a cat a home.”

Increasingly since the pandemic, there has been a shortage of foster homes for animals. 

Here’s how you can help Kat Dadde with his mission:

  • Adopt an animal from Vulcan Park Animal Care
  • Donate to Vulcan Park Animal Care
  • Sign up to foster animals
  • Follow along with Kat Dadde and the supplies he needs as he helps house cats from all around Homewood