BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — On Monday, the nation came together to honor how Martin Luther King Jr. moved the civil rights movement forward.

The city of Birmingham paid its respects to American icon with the annual Unity Breakfast at the BJCC. While a lot has been accomplished, organizers of the event say much more needs to be done. Local Activist Alice Westery said improving equity for all people continues to be her organization’s goal and that honoring King represents a vision and a strategic plan to move forward.

Westery believes looking at the coronavirus pandemic and how the nation responded, including racial prejudices, shows there is a long way to go, adding that the nation in 2022 resembles much of what was going on in the 1960s.

“The fight is real and the struggle is real. We have to be able to be active and not passive at this point in time. We have no reason to be complacent and feel as if we have overcome because we have not,” Westery said.

Westery is encouraging more young people to get involved in the movement to help things continue to move forward. She said she is glad to know that many people of all races have been coming out and fighting for justice for all people.