Landon Wexler

Landon Wexler joined the team as a Digital Reporter in January 2020.

Landon was born and raised in Southern California, but he’s been told throughout his life that, with his personality, he either belongs on the East Coast or in the South. Sure enough, he attended Syracuse University in Upstate New York. It wasn’t too long after graduating that he packed his bags and was on his way to The Magic City.  

While he doesn’t have the Alabamamian accent, like so many of us in Birmingham, he’s always on a mission to connect with others.  So, if you see Landon around, he’s happy to say hello!

He’s also doing his best to experience Birmingham to the fullest, so he’d love to hear about all your local favorites.

On the weekends, you’ll likely find him on a local hiking trail, exploring the restaurant scene or anywhere a live band is playing.

You can find Landon a little easier on social media @LandonWexler.

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