BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — There’s a new game in town! Sort of.

For the past five years, E-Sports has been taking over as one of the fastest-growing team sports in high school athletics. In fact, it’s become so popular the Alabama High School Athletic Association has partnered with PlayVS, to field competitive video game teams across the state of Alabama.

This week at EPLEX Magic City, the best of the best came to compete for the top prizes and be crowned champs in “League of Legends”, “Madden NFL 23”, “Rocket League” and “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.”

Among the rising stars is Stephen Chen of Davidson High School, who won the state title for “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.” Just like every other state champion his focus and dedication are two of the main reasons he’s taking home the title.

“I have been practicing a lot since spring break,” Chen said. “So I was prepping for this day.”

Aimee Tucker is Chen’s E-Sports coach, who says he’s a student others on the team look up to.

“Stephen is quiet, calm and puts in hours of practice,” Tucker said. “He has his priorities straight. He has very good grades, but he also makes it a priority to be competitive, to scout his opponents and to always stay up to date when changes are made to the game.”

PlayVS has partnered with 36 regional and state organizations and awarded $700,000 towards collegiate scholarships.