SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The Bay Area has many cool and fun things to check out, even outside the city of San Francisco.

If you’re heading to the Bay Area for the first time for Super Bowl 50, or you’re a local looking to check out something you haven’t seen before, here are some must-see or do’s while you’re in the Bay Area.

1. Walk or bike across the Golden Gate Bridge: Don’t just drive across the most beautiful bridge in the world, but enjoy it with a bike ride or by walking. Just make sure to bring a jacket! It gets really cold out there.

2. Visit Alcatraz: Want to tour the most-feared prison in the United States? Alcatraz has more to its history than being just the place Al Capone was held. Learn how “The Rock” was a big part in San Francisco’s rich history.

3. Go wine tasting in wine country: Make sure you have a reservation! It gets busy. But it’s worth it. You can sample some of the best wine in the country and views some of the best scenery.

4. Check out San Jose’s Winchester Mystery House: Why did the owner keep adding on to this house? The Winchester Mystery House is San Jose’s spookiest, and probably most-famous, tourist attraction in the city.

5. Go to the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame at SFO: The Bay Area is full of great athletes–from Joe Montana to Dennis Eckersley. See them and other great athletes honored at this museum at San Francisco International Airport.

6. Hike up the top 5 peaks in the Bay Area: There are so many choices in the Bay Area. You can brave Mt. Tamalpais, Mt. Diablo, Mission Peak, Mt. Hamilton, or Sugarloaf Hike.

7. Go on the SkyRide at the Oakland Zoo. In order to ride the SkyRide, you must have a ticket to the zoo. In this ride, you can get a birds-eye view of all the exhibits and the Bay Area skyline.

8. Dip your toes into the ocean at Half Moon Bay, Capitola, or Pescadero. The Bay Area is full of great beaches to visit, from the North Bay to the South Bay, and down to Santa Cruz. Make sure you bring a jacket! It gets cold near the water.

9. Visit Yoda at Lucasfilm’s Presidio headquarters: The Yoda fountain is a landmark for fans and visitors. The building celebrates Bay Area legends of moviemaking.

10. Visit Coit Tower: Perhaps the greatest tourist attraction in San Francisco next to the Golden Gate Bridge, you can see the city’s skyline from atop this tower. But be prepared to wait in line, however, it gets crowded.

Did you take our advice and visit any of these places on this list? If so, send us a photo of yourself doing these things or visiting these places. They may end up in our online photo gallery.The Super Bowl Committee‘s bucket list contributed to this story