It now only costs $29 to fix a cracked iPhone screen


COLUMBUS (WCMH) — It’s happened to the best of us. You pull out your iPhone from your pocket and it slips out of your hand. Despite the top of the line case and the screen protector you purchased, you pick it off of the ground and there’s a big crack on the screen.

Apple knows this happens a lot, so that’s why its making a chance to its AppleCare+ policy to help cover the hit you take on your wallet.

Apple says it will now only charge $29 to repair a cracked screen. It used to cost $99.

Of course, the deal only applies to customers who got AppleCare+ when they bought their iPhone. That service costs $129 up front, but it also includes two repairs from accidental damage (plus a service fee).

If you choose not to get AppleCare+ warranty, you’ll have to pay $149 to get your screen fixed.

CNN Money reports there are some third party services that fix screens for under $100, but all new iPhones come with complimentary AppleCare+ for the first 90 days. That means if you crack your screen in the first three months, you’ll find no cheaper option than the $29 fee you’ll pay at your closest Apple Store.

The company hasn’t yet said when the new AppleCare+ prices kick in.

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