YouTube pranksters claim they were attacked during fight on Alabama golf course

Alabama News

GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG) — Self-proclaimed YouTube entertainers have come forward with a new video claiming they were attacked by golfers after the group of social media pranksters disrupted play with blasts from an air horn.

Four men from the YouTube channel, “Too Lit Entertainment,” have claimed they were among the six behind the sound blast and the video. They admitted they did it to record the shocked reactions of participants during a Gulf Shores tournament and publish it on their channel.

“We find it fun, we weren’t trespassing, we were at a homeowner’s house who lived at Craft Farms,” YouTuber Seth Randall said.

An edited, 4-minute video provided by the pranksters shows them hiding in the woods near that home, wearing camouflage clothing, and hitting the horn at least four different times. Eventually, a group of golfers became angry and confronted them.

“Know who you’re messing with before you do that, I kill people for a living,” said a golfer on the video. The YouTubers said they set out to do something harmless.

“I’m going to say we were on the right side of it all which led to a few men being very aggressive,” YouTuber Chaidy Mack said.

The pranksters claimed a member of their video crew was tackled and beaten by a golfer. However, the video did not show the alleged attack.

“We did not attack anyone, we were attacked and it was a prank that led to violence,” Randall said.

Exactly who hit who isn’t clear. They dispute the initial report days ago that said the golfers were attacked on the course.

“They made it seem like we jumped them for having words with them, that did not happen, they made it seem like we attacked them, that did not happen,” YouTuber Bill Thomas said.

Gulf Shores police have reported some sort of assault did happen between the golfers and pranksters. At this point, no one, from either group, has been charged with a crime. Investigators have not publicly released the names of the golfers, who have not commented on the situation.

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