CENTREVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — One woman is calling fallen Bibb County Deputy Brad Johnson a hero. In 2020 Lachandra Walkers car broke down on County Road 33 in Maplesville in Bibb County.

“I see the car was overheating so I pulled over and automatically called the police because I am afraid and it’s about to get dark outside,” Walker said. Bibb County K-9 deputy Brad Johnson responded after Walker called 911, she says he was so kind and nice and stayed with her until her mother and sister and a tow truck driver showed up.

“He stayed with us and we laughed and let us meet Bodie which was a very sweet dog and we took pictures and we had a good time despite what was going on.”  

Walker and her mother Pamela Bonner were both devastated after they found out that the officer who helped them was killed in the line of duty after being shot June 29.

“I think at that time he was no longer just a police officer he was just a good human being. Staying there with me as a young woman then with my mom and sister we are all women. It was dark outside and I think he wanted to protect us and the fact he did that made us feel safe and no more worries because we felt protected by him and his K 9 dog who is going to bother us.”

Lachandra Walker tells CBS 42 she will always have a special place in her heart for Brad Johnson for the kindness he showed her when she needed help.