The Bottle, AL another Alabama town with an unusual name. #alabama #alabamahistory #alabamacities #thebottle

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The Bottle, Alabama.

Located at the intersection US highway 280 and Alabama Highway 147 (also known as North College Street). The Bottle is just five miles north of downtown Auburn and got its name from, well, a giant bottle that once stood there.

In 1924, John F Williams, owner of Nehi Bottling Company, wanted to advertise his product by building a 64-foot-high wooden replica of a Nehi soda bottle at this then-busy crossroads.

The Bottle, also known as the “Twist Inn,” had gas pumps, a cafe and a grocery in its base. Above the gas pumps was an open-air deck for dancing. The second and third floors were living and storage spaces. A spiral staircase ran up through the neck of the bottle to observation windows just beneath the cap.

“The Bottle” (Courtesy Wikipedia)

Though the wooden bottle burned down in 1936, it was such a landmark that the crossroads was labeled “The Bottle” on road maps for years afterward.

In 2015, a historical marked was placed on the bottle’s former site, complete with a photo of the long-lost wonder.