TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT)-Bass fishing tournaments generate millions of dollars in Alabama with so many lakes and rivers across the state. Tuscaloosa Tourism and Sports officials are now trying to get in on the action by hosting tournaments on the Black Warrior River.

Tourism and Sports Director Stan Adams tells CBS 42 that the proposed plan would be huge for the Tuscaloosa County economy. Adams says hosting large bass fishing tournaments like the Bass Master Classic could generate up to 3.5 Million dollars.

“There is so much untapped potential out there on that river. 3.5 million impacts but it could be even more than that, it’s just what we are estimating right now of lost economic impact because there is not enough access and there is not a facility out there to fish and that is an untapped gem we need to pour money into it and really show that off.”

Adams says the proposed plan would use Oliver Lock and Dam in Northport as the area on the Black Warrior River to host fishing tournaments. Also part of the plan would be using the Tuscaloosa Amphitheatre as an open-air facility where anglers would go to weigh in their fish. Adams said it’s high time Tuscaloosa gets to see what fishing tournaments could do for the economy.

“That’s a different demographic I think we’ve neglected in Tuscaloosa, and we have these rivers and beautiful bodies of water and we want to show them off and we aren’t just a football town we have so much more to offer in this community”.

According to the Tuscaloosa Tourism and Sports officials they wanted to host tournaments on Lake Tuscaloosa but many who live on the lake oppose having large tournaments.