True Story Brewing Company asks for help naming elusive Crestwood puma

Alabama News

(AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — A local brewery is asking for the public’s help naming the elusive Crestwood puma.

True Story Brewing Company in Birmingham’s Crestwood neighborhood was the location of a potential puma sighting late last month.

“I’m at True Story Brewing and I just saw a black puma walking along [the] wall behind the Crestwood Shopping Center,” William Davis, a local resident, posted on the community website Nextdoor. “Huge!!! I wasn’t alone, witnessed by others as well. Watch your critters and children! Scary!”

Even Carole Baskin of “Tiger King” fame weighed in on the incident, telling CBS 42 in a Zoom interview that the “puma” could have simply been a bobcat mistaken for a larger feline.

Davis, though, said after the interview with Baskin that he was still convinced what he saw was a puma.

“It wasn’t a bobcat,” Davis said. “I think Ms. Baskin is correct that many people mistake bobcats for other cats. I was raised on PBS and Marty Stouffer and Mutual of Omaha wildlife shows.”

Now, True Story Brewing Company is soliciting stories about the cat and is searching for the perfect name for the fleeting feline.

“Have YOU seen this cat!? He or she is apparently on the prowl in our neighborhood and we’d love to hear your story,” the brewery posted to Facebook. “Also we’d really like to know what to call this cuddly little cutie the next time we see them, so what do you think the Puma’s name should be?”

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