MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — Could the son of a former Alabama governor be in the running to challenge Kay Ivey for governor?

In 2010, Tim James ran in the Republican primary for governor, but lost to Robert Bentley. Now, he said he’s not ruling out another run in 2022.

On the steps of the state Capitol building, James laid out some concerns he and other conservatives say are hurting the state.

“The question of whether I’m going to get into this race has yet to be determined. My family, my children, my wife were praying about it, and we will make a firm decision later this year,” James said when asked if he planned to run.

James, whose father Forrest Hood “Fob” James twice served as Alabama’s governor, said whether he runs or not, politicians and elected officials in Alabama, even those in the Republican party have gotten off track.

“You lose that horse sense, that balance,” he said. “We need to find out balance and get back to just being able to see things clearer.”

CBS 42 political analyst Steve Flowers said James sounds like a man who is running for office, but that even if he does enter the race, he’ll face an uphill battle.

“I don’t know if he’s got a lot of support left from that 2010 race,” Flowers said. “He may be able to stake out that extreme right wing.”

Flowers said when it comes to defeating Kay Ivey, he believes there is only person who could do it.

“The only person I think can beat Kay Ivey right now is Kay Ivey,” he said. “They’ve got to keep her close to home and not let her get out too much.”

The Republican primary for governor is scheduled for May 24, 2022.