HARTFORD, Ala (WDHN) — During a city council meeting, the resignation of two city officials were accepted and a source claims they are leaving due to the city being controlled by a “runaway council.”

City Attorney Jeff Hatcher and City Clerk Leah Jenson both submitted their resignation letters on Friday, the same day former mayor Neil Strickland officially left office. Strickland said his reason for leaving is simple, he wants to spend more time with his family.

A city government official who wishes to go unnamed claims Hatcher and Jenson are leaving due to the current city council.

The source claimed the council has refused to listen to either of the now-former city officials’ advice when it came to running the city and its finances, and now the city is currently $2 million in debt.

During the council meeting, Nick Holley, a citizen of Hartford and Director of Hartford Recreation, spoke out against the council and how they run the city.

“If former council members, or former mayor Johnny Hughes could see the financial shape Hartford is in, they would rollover in their graves,” Holley said

Holley also revealed he would resign his position effective Tuesday.

Approximately 40 citizens attended the meeting.