DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Brothers Kameryn and Kadyn Mitchell are both standout athletes in their own right, but each credits the other for their success in sports.

Kadyn, a freshman at Houston Academy in Dothan, is already doing big things as the quarterback of the football team and point guard on the basketball court. Kameryn, a senior at the same school, plays forward on the basketball team and wide receiver on the football team.

Kadyn said he’s always looked up to his older brother.

“He just works hard,” Kadyn said. “He does everything right. He always listens to coaches and he’s someone that I could look up to. Not only can I look up to him, but I live in the same house as him so if I have a question I can always go to him to ask. He always knows the answer and he’s just a good source.”

For many older brothers, it can be hard to lean on a younger sibling, but the Mitchells use sports to build their chemistry.

“We’ve always had chemistry,” Kameryn said. “We’re always together. We played pick-up all the time at churches, just playing, so we really know a lot about each other. He knows the shots I can make, I know the shots he can make so we know what we can do together.”

Kadyn had a breakout year as the school’s quarterback, some of which he credits to Kameryn.

“I wouldn’t get what I got without him,” Kadyn said.

For Kameryn, watching his freshman brother be a leader on both the gridiron and the hardwood isn’t that weird, because he is too.

“At practice, I’ll speak up and during the games, he knows what needs to get done during the games,” Kameryn said. “He can put people where they need to be and tell people what they need to work on to get better at what they need to do.”

Head football coach Eddie Brundidge recalled when Kameryn transferred to Houston Academy his tenth-grade year and was ineligible to play. He played anywhere he was needed on the scout team.

“He never had a bad attitude about it and seemed to just always enjoy it,” Brundidge said. “He was able to do that knowing that he wasn’t going to get to be able to play on Friday nights but still, I knew then that this kid was special.”

As Kameryn gets ready to graduate in the spring he hopes to teach Kadyn valuable lessons.

“Just to stay humble,” Kameryn said. “He’s a great athlete, especially at his age, so I want him to be able to know he’s the best and stay humble to the people that have brought him up. Especially the coaches, especially our parents. Our parents especially.”

Brundidge said the Mitchell brothers’ character is unmatched.

“They’re the type of kids that coaches dream of having,” Brundidge said. “They’re very passionate about sports. They’re two very blessed young men and blessed in a lot of ways not only talent-wise but they’ve got great parents.”

Head basketball coach Scott Whitaker said their brotherhood adds flavor to the team.

“I’ve seen brother connections before and most of them there’s a little bit of a sibling rivalry but there’s none of that with these guys,” Whitaker said. “They’re almost like best friends as opposed to brothers. It’s really kind of nice it’s fun to be around.”