FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – Prosecutors want Casey White to stand trial for murder in the death of Vicky White first, instead of his capital murder case that dates back to 2015.

The filing Friday from the Lauderdale County District Attorney’s office seeks to move up White’s arraignment to October – it was scheduled for December – and they want his trial on a felony murder charge to begin on Dec. 12.

White is currently set to go on trial for capital murder on December 12 in the fatal stabbing death of Connie Ridgeway at her apartment in Rogersville in October 2015. Court records do not yet show a request from prosecutors to continue that case, but clearly, both cases cannot be tried at the same time.

He was set to go on trial in that case in June of this year, and he was housed in the Lauderdale County jail awaiting trial. But, on April 29, Vicky White, who was the Assistant Director of Corrections for the Lauderdale County Detention Center at that time, helped Casey White escape.

They were the subject of an 11-day manhunt before being located in Evansville, Ind. Law enforcement officials chased the truck the pair was in and it crashed. Vicky White died inside the vehicle and Casey White was arrested.

The Vanderburgh County Coroner’s office in Evansville said Vicky White died by suicide.

Prosecutors later charged Casey White with felony murder for Vicky White’s death. A felony murder charge in Alabama can be filed when someone dies, while the defendant is engaged in certain crimes – including first-degree escape.

Casey White’s lawyers argue the felony murder law is unconstitutional and they want the court toss the charge. The defense argues Casey White cannot be responsible for Vicky White’s death if she died by her own hand.

That motion to toss the charge is pending before the court.

Friday’s filing by prosecutors would accelerate the timing of the felony murder case.