FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) — A few officers with the Florence Police Department (FPD) came together to give a local man a new bike after his was stolen.

Devon Keith told News 19 that biking has been his main method of transportation for more than two years. However, that all changed after his bike was stolen.

“My tire was a little bit flat, so I get off my bike and I grabbed my air pump out of my backpack,” Keith said. “I turned around and my bike’s gone.”

Keith said he attempted to chase after the thief, but could not catch him. He later reported the event to FPD.

Nathan White, an officer with FPD, told News 19 that he had met Devon previously and that he always had a very positive attitude.

“When I was on night shift, he would always come up to my patrol car and say ‘hey,'” White said. “He always had a smile on his face and so when he had his bike stolen, we kind of took it a little personal.”

White said that his sergeant called a few days later with an idea to buy Devon a new bike and deliver it to him while he was at work.

“This guy, he was a hard-working guy,” White said. “He goes back and forth to work every day trying to make an honest living and he was, unfortunately, a victim of a theft and something that was out of his control. So we just felt called to help him.”

White said that Keith’s positive attitude had a profound effect on him, as well as other Florence Police officers.

“Everybody’s going to try to, you know, keep you going down. But you got to keep right on rolling, you know what I’m saying?” Keith said. “You got to keep that mindset, you know. You’ve got to have all things positive because if you don’t, it will destroy you.”