Pastors stand together for racial justice

Alabama News

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Pastors from all across Tuscaloosa County gathered together Wednesday morning to call for racial unity and equality in the wake of the George Floyds death in Minneapolis.

Pastor Scott Moore from the First Wesleyan Church says its about time.

“So we are coming together today because its the time,” Moore said. “It’s right to come and we think this is the calling that God has for us to bring unity to bring a voice that says we need to walk through life together.”

The event is called “Black and White ministers in Tuscaloosa County for biblical justice”. Dozens of local pastors came together to spread a message of love and justice and equality to the community hoping to make a difference.  The event was held outside the Tuscaloosa County courthouse. 

Pastor Schmitt Moore from Bethel Baptist church says he was so excited to see white and black clergy standing together to fight injustice and police brutality.

“I’m just excited and do appreciate my brothers for expressing they feel what we feel and they are tired of it,” Pastor Schmitt Moore said. “Our white brothers not only feel what we feel and not only want to speak against it but want to stand with us for justice.”

Forty local pastors participated in the rally downtown in Tuscaloosa.  More than 200 people also gathered to show their support.


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