MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Jennifer Pulliam now knows who demolished her house on her Mobile property, thanks to WKRG News 5 viewers. And while the mystery is solved, the legal battle is just beginning.

We first reported last month about the mystery. Over a weekend in January, someone came onto Pulliam’s property on Cody Road next to the Fairgrounds and demolished a home that had been in her family since the 1960s.

“I moved here when I was approximately 10 years old. This is my grandparent’s old homeplace. They bought it in 1965 and it’s been in our family ever since,” Pulliam said.

Pulliam, who lives and works in Leaksville, Mississippi now, eventually got word about the demolition through a family member.

“I cried. I cried for two days,” she said.” I was devastated.”

Other family members saw our story about the house and contacted her with the name of a company seen on the property that weekend in January.

“They didn’t know that I was unaware of it until they saw the news story and then they contacted me,” she said.

Pulliam said an investigator with the Mobile Police Department contacted the construction company named by those family members and the owner of the company confessed to demolishing the house, saying it was a mistake.

“I was not happy because they said they could not arrest them because there was no malicious intent, that I would just have to sue them in civil court,” she said.

Pulliam is not naming the company on the advice of her attorney because she is planning to file a lawsuit. She said that so far, the company owners have not contacted her to apologize, or offer anything else. As for what kind of damages she can recover in a lawsuit, she said, “I’m not sure what they will come up with or how they will come up with it–that house to me is priceless.”