Montgomery planning commission OKs renaming street

Alabama News

Civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., left, and Tuskegee attorney Fred Gray break into laughter at a joke told by a speaker at a political rally in Tuskegee, Alabama, April 29, 1966. (AP Photo/Jack Thornell)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — A city planning commission in Alabama’s capital city has unanimously passed a recommendation to rename one of its streets for a civil rights lawyer.

A local news outlet reports the recommendation to rename Jeff Davis Avenue to Fred D. Gray Avenue was passed Thursday during a City of Montgomery Planning Commission meeting.

Gray, a Montgomery native who grew up on the street, was one of Rosa Parks’ attorneys when she was arrested for refusing to move to a seat in the back of a public bus. He also represented Martin Luther King Jr. a number of times, and helped in the legal fight to allow African American students to learn at the University of Alabama.

The recommendation next heads to the city council for approval.

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