DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Omar Prado was heading to UAB Hospital Tuesday night to be near his brother Jose, who was severely injured at a construction site in Montgomery.

While en route, he got a call from a doctor that made his heart drop into his stomach.

“He passed away and I really didn’t know what to do,” Prado said. “I was driving at the time I just pulled over, I was screaming, so upset don’t know why they took my brother and I just kept praying I knew he was tough he was a tough guy,” He said.

Jose Prado, 23, is an alumnus of Rehobeth High School. He worked at Kinza Japanese restaurant with his brother for quite a while and went to school at Wallace to go through the electrical lineworker program to become a lineman.

“They told us when he graduated that stuff can happen, and you can die on the job and he wanted to take the risk and he did,” His brother cried.

Prado was working at a construction site near the intersection of Vaughn Road and Marler Road.

“Someone was driving and he was opening cones I believe and then a cable caught him and swung him and battered his chest they told me so many times I just can’t comprehend it,” Omar Prado said.

Prado was only a lineman for a little over two months.

His brother said Jose was a well-known and funny guy that everybody liked to be around.

Omar will miss the times he cherished with his younger brother like hanging out at parties and going out to dinner.

“We did a lot together there’s not enough that I wish we did,” He said. “I wish I could have said bye he was a hardworking guy, he loved to run, he loved to do a lot, he took care of his brothers, he took care of our mom and dad he loved us so much,” He said.

A Go-Fund-Me page has been created by Jose Prado’s boss if you would like to help with funeral expenses and medical bills.