BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — For 33 years, Scott Richards was a mainstay in Birmingham TV news.

Starting this week, the longtime WBRC anchor will join CBS 42 for a regular segment that will air Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays during the CBS 42 News at 5 p.m. called “Inside This Day,” which will explore different days in history and how they play a part in the news of the day.

“A lot of the time, the stories I will do for ‘Inside this Day’ will be historical events that may have been minor, or things many barely remember or things they never heard of, but I will show how it is showing things occurring in today’s world,” Richards said.

Richards’ first piece will be on July 20, 1969, when Apollo 11 landed on the moon and astronauts Neil Armstrong and “Buzz” Aldrin took the first steps on its surface.

“I will express the hope that we can do once again, to find unity among ourselves and be rooting for one another again,” he said.

From 1981 to 2014, Richards was the lead anchor on WBRC FOX6 News. Richards said that while he enjoyed his time on the desk, his real passion is telling stories, going back to his days as a general assignment reporter in Louisville, Kentucky and Cincinnati.

“Anchoring is for younger folks who don’t mind having a large burden on their shoulders and having a lot of pressure. At my age, I’ve had that,” he said. “This gives me a great opportunity to really enjoy my passion, which was always researching, writing and reporting.”

Rob Martin, news director at CBS 42, said Richards brings a wealth of journalist experience with him and is looking forward to seeing what Richards will bring to the team.

“It’s great to bring Scott Richards back to Birmingham television news,” Martin said. “Scott’s experience covering local news in this market will be evident each day during the CBS 42 News at 5 p.m.”

Richards said he is looking forward to working in the news business again and telling the stories he thinks people will care about.

“It will really give me an option to report on stories that I think will be of interest, that will educate, inform and entertain,” he said. “Not being able to do that the last several years, it’s just an exciting thing for me to do at this point in my life.”