MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — The legal saga continues over licenses for Alabama’s medical cannabis program.

Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge James Anderson said he will consider a complaint from a company that was awarded a license in the first round but not the second.

The company Verano Alabama argues the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission did not have the authority to void and then re-award licenses. The AMCC’s score sheet shows they ranked number one among integrated facility applicants but were not awarded a license in the second round.

Verano lawyers are asking the judge to let them maintain their initial award. AMCC lawyers are asking the judge to dismiss that complaint. Judge Anderson said he will rule on that by Wednesday.

Meanwhile, lawsuits from companies denied licenses are still moving forward, including for Alabama Always.

Lawyer Will Somerville says he expects the judge to dismiss Verano’s complaint, which he says would be a good thing for the other challenges.

“I think it helps our case because it means the commission had the authority to rescind the license awards that it made in June and then, implicitly the ones that it made in August as well,” Somerville said.

The AMCC will meet on Thursday at the Statehouse. Their posted draft agenda shows they will consider voting on new rules related to the application process.

Somerville says during the past few weeks of negotiations, he’s made a proposal to the commission on how to proceed differently but hasn’t heard back.

“A reset button would be good if they did what we suggested,” Somerville said.

Somerville says he’s unsure what the commission will propose at the Thursday meeting.

Judge Anderson set the hearing for the Open Meetings Act violation for next Wednesday.

Lawyers for the Commission would not comment.