MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — With a little over a month before the end of this year’s session, the Alabama Legislature still has many bills to go through before potentially voting them into law.

The session, which began earlier in March and will run until at least June 14, has already had many bills that have gone through individual committees and been approved, such as HB3, which would prohibit smoking or vaping in a car in the presence of a child, or SB60, which lifts the limit on loans offered to nursing students by the Alabama Board of Nursing. However, the status of many other bills remains in the air.

However, Alabamians have a way to not only see what bills are being considered by the Legislature, but where they are within the body.

Here is a quick guide for how to access the Alabama Legislature’s website:

1. Go to the homepage and click on “Bill Search”

2. Type in the topic, or bill number if you have it. For example, a search of “exhibition” yields three different exhibition driving bills. 

3. Click on the bill you want to check. Then click “Bill History.” Here, you can scroll through each stage the bill has been through.

4. If you are simply looking for whether a bill has passed or not, scroll to the right of that “Bill History” section. If it says “Read a Third Time and Pass” that means it passed in that body. You can find out how everyone voted by checking the roll call and clicking on the “R 38” next to it. 

5. Here, you can see the vote count

For more information on the Alabama Legislature, both the Alabama Senate and House of Representatives, visit its website here.