MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Governor Kay Ivey announced today that she extended the Safer at Home order that was set to expire on Friday, December, 11. The order does not add or adjust anything from the previous order. The only thing that has changed is the expiration date.

She made this announcement as COVID-19 cases continue to increase in the state of Alabama.

The ADPH dashboard that shows the latest case statistics shows that there have been 41,430 new COVID-19 cases confirmed in the last 14 days. There are also more than 2,000 people in the hospital.

“Let me remind the people of Alabama as clearly as I can: Wear your masks, wash your hands and sanitize your personal spaces as much as possible,” said Ivey during the health update.

She reminded everyone who may be showing symptoms to get tested for Coronavirus and to isolate yourself to keep from spreading the virus.

Ivey reiterated that she has no intention of closing the state down and impacting people’s livelihoods. But she also said the mask mandate is the stopgap that allows for that to happen. She says that’s the only real restriction left from the original health order.

During the news conference, a reporter asked Ivey about restricting gatherings. She said she doesn’t have any plans to do that. “I have no plans to close Mardi Gras, for example,” said Ivey.

COVID-19 Vaccine

State Health Officer did offer some encouraging news by announcing the state of Alabama will likely receive a shipment of COVID-19 vaccine sometime next week.

Harris also gave a reality check about the vaccine the state will receive first.

The first shipment will be administered to frontline healthcare workers. Then, roughly half of the second shipment we receive will go to residents in nursing homes.

He said it’s likely to be early summer before the normal, health Alabama resident will receive the vaccine.

State of Emergency

Governor Ivey also issued a Supplemental State of Emergency through March 8, 2021. This is an additional 60 days from when it was supposed to expire on January 2, 2021.