MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WDHN) — On Wednesday, Governor Ivey signed the Alabama Property Protection Act to secure Alabama land.

In a statement from Gov. Ivey’s Office, that upon taking this necessary step to protect Alabama’s agricultural resources, military installations and critical infrastructure from countries of concern.

House Bill 379, called the Alabama Property Protection Act, prohibits certain governments or governmental entities from acquiring certain real property in the state.

The bill will prohibit “foreign principals of concern-” such as China, Russia, Iran and North Korea – from purchasing property used for agriculture or forestry, or land around military posts, airports, seaports, power plants, water and wastewater treatment plants, gas terminals and certain critical facilities.

When the bill passed the House, it drew major opposition from Chinese Americans living in Alabama due to the bill initially banning Chinese citizens, even those living and working in Alabama, from buying property in the state.

The bill passed in the Senate with a 26-7 vote.

“Across the United States, we have seen alarming instances of foreign entities purchasing large tracts of land, which could have severe consequences for our country’s national defense and economy, if no action is taken,” Ivey said in a press release. “From our forests to our farmland, Alabama is blessed with an abundance of highly valuable natural resources that must be protected. We also have a large military presence, and Alabama will always do our part to put the security of our country and our people first. The simple fact of the matter is that foreign governments have no business owning land in Alabama, and I am proud to sign this bill and ensure that will never be the case going forward.”

The bill was sponsored by Representative Scott Stadthagen in the House and carried by Senator David Sessions in the Senate.