(WDHN) — Dustin White had just had a conversation with his best friend, who he considers more of a brother, Kelvin Burks, and sadly approximately 48 hours after that conversation, he got the news from Kelvin’s cousin that he was gone.

“Immediately I looked at Facebook and he had told me the family was keeping it quiet because they didn’t know what had happened and was going on and I just lost it,” White said.

Burks was found dead in the kitchen of his home on the 2300 block of West Cumming Avenue in Opp about a week ago.

According to the Opp Police Department, Burks’s autopsy showed he was murdered and so far there have been no arrests made.

“Hearing the news of someone took his life I still can’t fathom it we are just a few months apart, the same age, talking every day,” White said.

Although the police department hasn’t released details concerning the murder, White said he noticed something unusual on Burk’s social media page the day of the killing.

And it’s been mind-bothering friends and family.

“There was a post on his Facebook asking for a $1,000 asking to be sent to his cash app Kelvin was a pastor he had solicited money in the past but never with a dollar amount,” he said.

White said Burks was a man of God, the pastor of the Living Waters Christian Church in Opp and was affiliated with other churches.

“The man was like a siren he could sing from the heavens, play the music, write the music and he brought so many people to the lord,” he said.

On a personal note, White and Burks graduated from Elba high school together and he said Burks eliminated a legacy of racism in his family.

“I never saw color because of a few friends like him in Elba he was a brother to me, not only we grew up there, but I moved to gulf shores and he moved to Daphne behind me and we went fishing and that relationship from high school never faltered,” he added.

A celebration was just held this past weekend for Burks.

If you have any information about the ongoing case, you are asked to contact the Opp Police Department.